Transportation services

We provide our partners and clients with a wide variety of high quality services supported by well established strong position on the market for over 20 years.

We ensure the transportation from Prague to neighboring countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary or Poland.

Superior Chauffeured Limousine Service

Whether you use our services for your business trip or wish spare time indulgence, our employees’ professional performance will properly complement you activities. In dense city traffic and also during long distance trips, our driver is your partner striving to do his best to fulfill all your queries. We have extensive experience with corporate, VIP clients and the clientele from all over the world.

Reliable Corporate Chauffeuring

Plan your appointments and meetings depending on how it suits your company. Our limousines will always pick you up and transport in time. Decide for yourself: work or relax. Always in the safety and comfort of our limos.

Private Aviation Transport Services

We work closely with the private airline operators for providing transport services and the highest levels of reliability. Each flight is accurately monitored and using the latest information of scheduled arrival we cut the time spent at the airport to a minimum.


Mercedes Benz GLS350 4M 2+1
Mercedes Benz E220 4M 2+1
Škoda Superb 4x4 L&K 3+1
Mercedes Benz V250 XL 6+1
Mercedes Benz Sprinter 19+1 VIP

Rely on professionals and just enjoy your stay.​

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